The second edition results are in!

The second edition results are in!

The judges picked the best teams of the second edition of the ARP Games acceleration competition. Thus, the investment negotiations begin!

The jury comitee including: Magdalena Cielecka, Łukasz Dębski, Łukasz Hacura, Błażej Szaflik i Karol Wosiński judged the performance of teams that finished the first stage of the competition. After the three month long intense work they they chose the best ones. Judges evaluated not only the originality and artistic value of the games, but also the suggested business model.

The project that collected the most points was Memo, created by Hypnotic Ants, mentored by Błażej Szaflik (Carbon Studio). Memo is a VR puzzle game in which the player solves riddles hid in floating cubes. The Project seems to be complete, well thought through and cohesive. – Said Magdalena Cielecka. With production and marketing support there is a good chance of the game being done this year. -added Błażej Szaflik, a judge and the project’s mentor.


The second place on the rank list was taken by a project using work name BSG created by Lowpoly Dream, mentored by Leszek Lisowski (Wasteland Interactive). In the game the player leads a fleet of space nomads that survived the destruction of Earth, discovers new lands, starts colonies and trades with aliens. The project can find its niche in which it could meet a warm welcome. – noted Błażej Szaflik. If it finds a good publisher it can become something truly good. – added Łukasz Hacura.


Hook’n’Build from Blahray Studio mentored by Mariusz Macieja (CreativeForge Games) is the third project with a big potential. It’s a strategy game in which the player sets out to rebuild the world and protect it from various catastrophes. The next place was taken by Apparatus by App2D mentored by Łukasz Hacura (Anshar Studios). The game is teaching maths and programming. The protagonist is a man living in a world of robots who is able to reprogram the machines. Apparatus is a very decently made game that, with proper marketing and production support could become a very strong product on the market. -says Błażej Szaflik.




TX Studios and their Vault of Cadence (mentor: Wojciech Borczyk), 8Verve with GGGladiators (mentor: Jan Pioterek) and Mosspine with Star Zone (mentor: Marcin Stanek) received less than 50 points.
The top teams will start investment negotiations very soon.


Rank list – second edition of ARP Games competition

l.p. Team Project Points
1. Hypnotic Ants MEMO 65
2. Lowpoly Dreams BSG 57,4
3. Blahray Studio Hook’n’Build 56,2
4. APP2D Apparatus 52,8
5. TX Studios Valut of Cadence 48,6
6. 8 Verve GGGladiators 42,4
7. Mosspine Star Zone 31,8