Third Edition

Participants of the Investment Stage of the Acceleration Programme

Game: Lumberhill

Lumberhill is a multiplayer co-op game for up to 4 players. All of the players have to join their forces trying to get sufficient amount of points by brining wood to a sawmill and taking sheep to the farm. During the gameplay the players will have to face destructive forces of nature – wildfires, stormy rivers, tsunamis and many more. Only working hand in hand they will be able to tame the chaos.

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Game: Alibabe

Alibabe is fairytale for adults.
It’s an daventure game set in a fairytale cyberpunk world. It aims to present the absurd of everyday world, not unlike Terry Prachett or Monty Python. Using an emotion-changing device the player will see different faces of well known characters from Grimms’, Andersen’s or Perrault’s tales.

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Pillow Talk
Game: White Peony

White Peony is an exploration game – a virtual, dream-like experience inspired by culture and architecture of the Far East, tea drinking culture and oniric art. The player has to chase down a Woman in White through a beautiful, asian tea garden, finding out about her and their own story.

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Alrauna Studio
Game: The Way Back

The Way Back is a psychological thriller and a detective tale made for adult players, horror enthusiasts and players seeking a compelling narrative. The protagonist returns, after many years, to a small, seaside town to find out what happened to his first love. The gameplay is set in two timelines: contemporary times and the 90s. Exploring both will help the player in finding out what happened to the girl.

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Game: In&Out

In&Out is a multiplayer co-op game utilising mobile apps and VR sets.
Players become a group of elite infiltration specialists that are supposed to break into heavily guarded objects. The gameplay is asymetrical – while one of the players puts on VR glasses and becomes the Operator – an agent located in the object, moving between cameras, guards and traps the other ones stay behind in the Headquarters and have access to maps, blueprints or guards’ paths and help the Operator in his task.
Efficient communication between both sides, good cooperation, quick thinking and ability to work under time pressure are the most crucial skills for the success of the mission.

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Pale Blue Dot
Game: Project: Aurora

Project:Aurora is an exploration game, which tells the story of a discovery of an alien planet. An enormous interstellar science vessel arrives at the Aurora’s orbit. After an intial scan it turns out that the planet surely hised some secrets. Are those natural anomalies or traces of an alien civilisation? The humanity has its eyes on the spaceship ready to explore the planet.

Laureates of the third edition of the acceleration programme:
(All materials come from an early stage of the acceleration programme)

Bleak Field Studios
Game: Prime Delusion

Prime Delusion is a 3D weird-fiction, dark rougelike with dynamic fights, based on dodges and aiming, stealth elements and a big emphasis on micromanagement. It tells a tragic, philosophical story with a big portion of environmental narration.

Yellow Beetle
Game: Handy Hotel

Handy Hotel is a first-person horror adventure shooter. The story takes place in a surreal hotel. The mechanics are based on the relationship between two protagonists. The player aims to solve the mystery of why and how we ended up in this grotesque place.

Handy Hotel on facebookM

Onion Milk
Game: Dungeon Of Loot

Dungeon of Loot is a dungeon crawler with a procedurally generated world. The player finds numerous items and can fight monsters conventionally or with the use of magic runes they can mix together, receiving unexpected combinations and effects.

Pool Studio
Game: Ibuki West

Ibuki West is a 2D metroidvania in an Far East – hiphop setting, served with a side of heavily stylised graphics. The protagonist travels through a mysterious land looking for revenge on the seven samurai who dishonored his father in an epic beef.