Fourth Edition

Laureates of the 4th edition of the acceleration competition:
(All materials come from early stages of the acceleration programme)

 ŁM3 Team
Game: Artsul

In Artsul, the player is trapped inside a mansion full of magical mirrors with extraordinary properties that will help the player in getting out of this misterious place. The game is based on the mechanics of walking through reflections, which allows a change of perspective and gets you access to previously unreachable places. The player can rotate and move some of the mirrors, which will allow him to walk on walls and ceilings; the mirrors also affect physical items in different ways.

Fluffy Creatures Studio
Game: Forest Watch

Forest Watch is an isometric 2D game for PC and mobile devices inspired by real life fire protection solutions, in which the player administrates a forest fire-fighting crisis centre. The player’s job is to prevent wildfires and to take them out quickly, as well as saving wildlife or protection of the most sensitive parts of the forest.

Dredge Games
Game: Norse Reigns

Norse Reigns is a decision making game set in a comic Nordic themed future. As the CEO of a corporation you have to manage your people, please the gods and work hard to survive the end of the world.

Game: Tappi

Tappi is an educational game for children aged 4-9. The game is a mix between an audiobook, a paragraph game, a set of minigames in one product.

Sigur Studio
Game: Project Phantom

The protagonist of Project Phantom wakes up as a shadow. The player explores the surroundings that turn out to be familiar and surprising at the same time. His purpose is to explain the state he experiences and the place he found himself in.

My Next Game
Game: Train Time Travel

Train Time Travel is mixing together moods of “Back to the Future” and “Groundhog’s Day” in a 2D game placed in a train that’s rushing straight into it’s doom. During short sessions the player will interfere with various events happening on the train; at the end they will get the chance to decide whether they want to accept the outcome, or perhaps go back and change things.