We’re investing again!

We’re investing again!

We’re at the finish line of fouth edition of ARP Games acceleration programme. We had 6 teams work really hard for three months and the effects were judged by our jury. Now we can announce who will be invited to the investment negotiations!

The projects were evaluated by the same set of judges as the one working with us on the last Call for Ideas. Now they could clearly see the progress made by the teams. Once more, they considered games’ artistic value, originality and business model, as well as the direction and pace of projects’ development. Here’s the points:

  1. „Forrest Watch” by Fluffy Creatures Studio – 68 points
  2. „Norse Reigns” by Dredge Games – 62,25 points
  3. „Project Phantom” by Sigur Studio – 57 points
  4. „Tappi” by Tappi – 56 points
  5. „Train Time Travel” by My Next Games – 39 points
  6. „Artsul” by ŁM3 Team – 31,25 points

Check the projects here!

Teams that received more thatn 50 points will be invited to investment negotiations and may enter the second stage of the acceleration programme!

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone for participating in the 4th edition of the ARP Games acceleration competion. We invite you all to try your hand in the 5th edition, which will be announced very soon!