1. What is ARP Games?
ARP Games is an accelerator supporting video games creators who want to develop their projects as startups.

2. What is the main activity of ARP Games?
ARP Games’ main activity are half-yearly competitions, open for teams consisting of at least two members. Submitted projects are not limited by any particular topic or platform. The programme is carried out in 2 stages. The first one is a 3 month long period in which teams will create a business strategy as well as a playable demo. During the second one laureates start a company in which ARP Games is a minor shareholder.

3. Who can apply?
The programme is open for all creative teams consisting of at least two members of any nationality. There are no restrictions regarding age and education.

4. What is the mentoring programme?
The mentoring programme will be carried out with every team qualified to the first stage of the competition. Every project will be guided by a person experienced in the creation and marketing of a game from a similar genre. The choice of a mentor will be consulted with a team beforehand.

5. What are other forms of the support?
During the competition the accelerator provides: financial support of the team members, the office space, hardware and software, as well as legal and accounting care. In the next stage it sets up meetings with industry and equity investors, and ensures teams’ participation in programmes promotiong Polish video game productions on the most important industry fairs.

6. What will I need to apply?
The application can be submitted through the ARP Games website. Besides the basic data of the team members, the application should contain basic information about the project and a video presentation of the team and the game.

7. Are there any restrictions concerning the game?
No, there are no restrictions. The project can touch upon any subject, be realised in any business model, and be designed for any platform.

8. Is experience in the industry or professional education required?
Nie. W pierwszej kolejności oceniany będzie sam projekt. Oczywiście wiedza i doświadczenie będą pomocne przy tworzeniu gry.
No. The projects will be evaluated independently. Though, obviously, the knowledge and experience will be very helpful while creating the game.

9. We have an ongoing project and the production of our game is already on an advanced stage. Can we apply?
Yes. We encourage you to submit projects on various development stages.

10. Can a company apply?

11. How many projects will receive the support?
Co 6 miesięcy wparcie uzyska 10 zespołów. Ich liczba może być mniejsza w 2 etapie konkursu jeżeli zespół nie zrealizuje zakładanych celów.
Every 6 months we will support 10 teams. This number may drop during the second stage if teams fail to achieve established goals.

12. Who evaluates projects?
Oceny wniosków dokonuje komisja powołana spośród mentorów współpracujących z ARP Games.
Projects will be evaluated by a committee consisting of mentors cooperating with ARP Games.

13. What is the cooperation with ARP Games based on?
After the evaluation the team and ARP Games sign a contract with, which specifies all principles of cooperaion, as well as rights and responsibilities of both sides. The contract is also a basis for setting up a company during the second stage.

14. How high is the offered financial support?
The total amount of the support can be as high as 100 ooo PLN. During the first stage a single team can receive up to 20 000 PLN in a form of a monthly scholarship.

15. How many shares will ARP Games hold in a company?
ARP Games będzie obejmowało maksymalnie do 25% udziałów. Udział ten będzie ustalany indywidualnie w zależności od wielkości projektu i zaangażowanego zespołu.
ARP Games will hold up to 25% of company’s shares. The specific amount will be determined individually, depending of the size of the project and the team’s commitment.

16. Is it possible to opt out of the programme after you have been qualified?
Yes. However, APR Games reserves the right to recoup all the financial investments made in favour of the team.

17. Can any additional participants join the team during the programme?
Yes, provided that they will sign an annex to the contract between the team and ARP Games.

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