Attention, developers!

Attention, developers!

If you have a great idea and a lot of courage… If you’re a great team that dreams of making it big in gamedev… If you need just a little bit of support to release your first personal project… You’ve found what you’ve been looking for! The fourth ARP Games competition has just started!

June 26th marked the beginning of ARP Games’ bi-annual Call for Ideas. The rules are simple: any team of at least 2 can submit their project. The topic of the game, platform or development stage are not important. The competition jury will evaluate the game’s originality, artistic value as well as the business model presented by the team.

Until July 31st you have the time to send us a video material that will convince the jury to pick your project. You can also upload additional materials, such as GDD or concept art. We count on your creativity!

The judges will analyze your projects throughout summer, and we will announce the results on September 15th  on our website. We will accept up to 10 teams that will receive more that 50 points.

The first stage of the programme lasts for three months. During that time the team will be overseen by an individually picked mentor that will help them in the development process. The list of our mentors can be found here. The team will receive up to 20 000 PLN, will participate in workshops, as well as various industry events. At the end of the Acceleration Stage the team presents a playable prototype of their game. The best ones will get the chance to enter investment negotiations with ARP Games.

During the Investment Stage the team will start its own company and participate in negotiations with secondary investors and potential publishers; it will also receive up to 50 000 PLN grant. Rules of the competition can be found here.

Interested? Apply here!

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First edition

Second edition


26.06.2018 – Beginning of the Call for Ideas

31.07.2018 – End of the Call for Ideas

15.09.2018 – Results