ARP Games opens a publishing branch!

ARP Games opens a publishing branch!

ARP Games, the first video games accelerator in Poland, launches a publishing brand – Another Road Publishing. The project has the support of Polish gamedev veterans.

– Another Road is a natural next step in the growth of ARP Games. Working with developers, we got to know their problems and needs better and better; by responding to them, we inevitably headed towards becoming a publisher, and finally decided to give this area of ​​our work a separate name. – said the CEO of ARP Games, dr Remigiusz Kopoczek. – Our goal is still to support game developers, who have a problem with funding and access to services. The teams we sign can count not only on full financing of the game’s production, but also on support in distribution, PR and broadly understood marketing, coverage of testing costs, translation and – if necessary – ports for consoles, as well as participation in detailed market potential research . We want to share our experience that we’ve gained over the years. At the same time,  the teams can focus on what they are best at – making games.

In order to ensure the best service standards, ARP Games joined forces with well-known industry specialists: Mariusz Szynalik (co-founder of Artifex Mundi) and Maciej Strużyna (formerly a producer at Techland and Artifex Mundi – where he also held the position of head of the marketing department ).

And idea is enough.

Another Road is open for games at any stage of development, even those that are still in their infancy. It offers support during the entire project creation process, from prototyping to building a vertical slice to final development. – At each of these stages, the devs can count on financing, market researches and access to testers. This means that to start talking to us about cooperation, it’s enough to have a catchy idea and a talented team ready to start working. – says Maciej Strużyna. You can apply with your project on the publisher’s official website: